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Institute of Functional Surfaces

Tribology and Tribochemistry

Tribology and Surface Engineering

Tribology and Tribochemistry research in Leeds covers a broad portfolio of analytical and experimental projects studying friction and wear phenomena occurring in all contact modes from dry to the hydrodynamic lubrication regime.  Our research work is supported by UK and overseas industry, as well as national and international public funding organisations.   

Our Expertise

Engine friction energy losses and component durability
- Effect of lubricant chemistry on friction and wear performance of valve train and piston/ring interface
- Lubrication of ferrous and non-ferrous (DLC, Al-Si alloy) materials
- Tribological performance of inorganic and organic (NOCH) lubricant additives
- Impact of biofuels on tribochemistry of engine oils

Transmission systems tribology and tribochemistry
- Lubricant chemistry and bearing surface micropitting, relevant to wind turbine gearbox lubrication
- Impact of friction modifiers on clutch performance
- Extreme pressure additives interaction with DLC coatings

Friction and wear of pumps
- Lubrication of rotary vane pumps
- Lubrication of automotive hydraulic pumps

Biotribocorrosion: artificial joints and tribology of natural systems
- Linking lubrication theory to corrosion theory
- Mapping tribofilm formation from organic lubricants
- Development of the first “system” tribometer for tribology/corrosion

Novel experimental and analytical techniques for tribology/tribochemistry research
- Raman spectroscopy and in-situ lubricant film analyses
- Kinetic tribofilm studies using the X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Friction and wear of novel materials
- Application of nanostructures for superior boundary lubrication performance
- Optimisation of coating deposition processes to enhance coating interaction with lubricant chemistry
- Lubrication of porous materials

Theoretical and applied tribology
- Boundary lubrication multiscale modelling by interface mechanics
- Numerical modelling of friction and wear in mixed lubrication
- Experimental and numerical study of PTFE faced thrust bearings

Apart from research, we are also committed to train and develop the next generation of tribologists.  Together with our partners at the University of Ljubljana, Lulea University of Technology and University of Coimbra, we deliver the Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces – TRIBOS programme ( In the doctoral level, we coordinate two EC funded Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ENTICE and Future Bet) and the EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training (Integrated Tribology CDT, together with the University of Sheffield).

For any enquiries please contact Dr Ardian Morina.

Academic Staff

Prof Anne Neville FREng
Prof Duncan Dowson CBE FRS (Emeritus Professor)
Dr Ardian Morina MIMechE
Dr Mark Wilson
Dr Tomasz Liskiewicz MIMechE
Dr Michael Bryant
Dr Shahriar Kosarieh
Dr Chun Wang
Dr Hongyuan Zhao MIMechE