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Ultrasonics and Instrumentation

Undergraduate Opportunities

We are keen to attract highly motivated students who wish to work on a project dissertation related to Ultrasound Instrumentation.

Our work covers both medical applications and industrial sensing problems. We have a range of state of the art FPGA based systems for developing advanced signal processing algorithms.

If you would like to discuss an ultrasound project and posess the following skills: signal processing, mathematics, programming, experimental and an interest in research please contact Dr Steven Freear.

MEng Projects

Beamforming Techniques: Using an array of ultrasound transducers the project involves implementation of complex signal processing routines to perform operations such as creating a synthetic aperture or manipulating a beam both in the transmit and receive path.  The algorithms will be embedded on a high performance FPGA platform. Skills required: DSP, Communications, FPGA

Plane Wave Compounding: Using compound plane waves for fast imaging with spatial compounding. The project requires fast generation and selection of appropriate transmit beamsteering and synchronisation with acquisition systems. Skills required: DSP, C-Programming, Verilog/VHDL, FPGA

Image Reconstruction: Using beamsteered ultrasound data, a 3-dimensional image will be reconstructed and rendered. From initial 2-dimensional images 3-dimensional images can be reconstructed, and images can be displayed as time-varying animations. Skills required: C-Programming, MATLAB.

Embedded FPGA Signal Processing: Using a state of the art FPGA based ultrasound imaging system you will be required to develop high signal processing algorithms that allow the real-time assessment of frequency dependant attenuation. The project will build on the already extensive suite of IP Cores available within the group. Skills required: C-Programming.

BEng Projects

There are a variety of BEng projects available to high calibre BENg students, ranging from Embedded Electronics, Circuit Design, or Signal Processing.