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Ultrasonics and Instrumentation

Instrumentation for Pipeline Inspection

The magnetostriction and stress-magnetization of steel have long been known, but as yet only partially understood and exploited. Understanding the magnetic properties of steel, when subjected to earth’s field, is becoming a key requirement in order to demonstrate that the magnetic field due to a stress concentration regime is of a predictable and repeatable pattern, and will aid the interpretation of complex magnetic fields from steel structures under stress. The aim of this research program is to locate, measure and characterize stress in carbon steel infrastructure due to corrosion through the passive monitoring and analysis of remote magnetic fields. The project has developed and experimental verified finite element model for the prediction of magnetic fields due to stress concentration due to corrosion in steel structures with complex geometries.

Academic Collaboration with Ben Varcoe, School of Physics Industrial Collaboration with Speir Hunter, National Grid and GL DNV

Research Fellows: Stephen Staples and Chau Vo